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 Modification du processus d'obtention de Razah

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Admi / Officier [HT]
Admi / Officier [HT]

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MessageSujet: Modification du processus d'obtention de Razah   Mar 27 Mar - 7:48

Gaile Gray a écrit:
Hi, there, everyone,

Here's the latest from the Guild Wars Dev Team! In listening to players, we know that you have been concerned about the difficulty of acquiring the Ritualist Hero, Razah. In the near future, those who complete Nightfall will have a new way to acquire Razah. And those who already have acquired Razah will be in for a pleasant surprise.

What the designers have done is (1) add a quest to Guild Wars, and (2) change the existing "Finding a Purpose" quest (the 'Get Razah" quest). There are four categories of players in this situation. Simply find which of the categories you belong to and you'll learn about your new options.
(1) I have not started the "Finding a Purpose" quest.
Proceed as you desire once you have beaten Nightfall, but note that there has been a significant change to the quest: you are longer required to pay gemstones to complete it. You can get the "Finding a Purpose" quest from Chaplain Phyratyss in the Gate of Anguish and when you complete it, Razah will join your cadre of Heroes.

(2) I have completed the "Finding a Purpose" quest.
A new quest has been added for you. Take the "Money Back Guarantee" quest as offered by Keeper Shafoss in the Abaddon's Gate outpost. When you complete this quest, you will be rewarded with one of each type of gemstone.

(3) I am in the middle of the "Finding a Purpose quest and I've already paid my gemstones to Keeper Milzesh.
Complete the "Finding a Purpose" quest, and then speak to Keeper Shafoss in the Abaddon's Gate outpost. When you complete the "Money Back Guarantee" quest you'll get one of each gemstone back. Special Note: If you already have paid the gemstone fee but have not completed the "Finding a Purpose" quest, do NOT abandon the quest. If you abandon the quest, you will not be offered the "Money Back Guarantee" quest and will not get a gemstone refund.

(4) I had "Finding a Purpose" on my quest log, but I had not paid the gemstones to Keeper Milzesh and the quest is not on my log any longer.
Due to the change in the gemstone requirement, the "Finding a Purpose" quest has been removed from your log. Simply talk to Chaplain Phyratyss in the Gate of Anguish again to add the revised quest back to your log. You can then complete it without the gemstone fee.
So, in a nutshell, players who have already paid the gemstones for Razah will be unaffected by the change to the "Finding a Purpose" quest, but will have the option to complete the new "Money Back Guarantee" quest. Upon completion they will receive a refund of their one each of the four gemstones. Players who have not paid gemstones simply need to accept the "Finding a Purpose" quest from Chaplain Phyratyss in the Gate of Anguish and complete the quest in order to gain Razah as a hero.

And, last bit of good news, we believe this update will be live in a couple of weeks.

So, what say you? Share your thoughts and you know we'll be reading them!
Gaile Gray
Community Relations Manager
The Guild Wars Site

En subtance, pour les non-anglophones, Razah va devenir plus simple à obtenir. Tous les persos ayant fini Nightfall se verront proposer une quête pour gagner leur Razah (vraisemblablement nécessaire pour le mode Hard puisse devenir jouable).

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Modification du processus d'obtention de Razah
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